About the Shin Ho Kan Dojo

Who and What are We
The Shin Ho Kan is a traditional Danzan Ryu Jujitsu school.  We follow the teaching and practices of Master Okazaki as best we can.  We strive to grow ones mind, as well as the body, through both mental and physical training.


Dojo Location
The Shin Ho Kan Dojo is located at 18175 Mariposa Ave in Riverside, CA, just off of the 215 freeway.


The Patch

The patch of the Shin Ho Kan represents the journey of life.  The calm water in the middle of the picture represents our lives at peace, while the rougher water on the out skirts represents the chaos around us.  The light far off in the distance represents God, and the reflection of the light on the calm water represents God's interaction in our lives, when we are at peace.  The moon is to remind us that even though we may not see God directly, he is always there.  The mountains off in the distance are to remind us that there is still a journey ahead of us.






When can I start?
Beginners are welcome to join at any time. Classes are run in such a way that the more senior students aid in the learning of the junior students, so you're never really "behind".


What is the difference between Brazilian Jujitsu and Danzan Ryu?
Brazilian Jujitsu is the more general name for any number of Gracie styles of Jujitsu and focuses primarily on mat work. It was made popular in the United States during Royce Gracie's run of the early Ultimate Fighting Championships. It is actually derived from traditional Japanese Jujitsu. Advanced practitioners of Danzan Ryu will find that the same arts in Brazilian Jujitsu are a subset of Danzan Ryu. That is, Danzan Ryu includes a great deal of mat work, but also has the many other aspects mentioned in What We Teach.


What should I wear to my first class?
Loose, comfortable clothing should be worn for the first few classes. Sweats and a t-shirt are perfectly fine, but jeans should be avoided. Old gi's from previous martial arts are also acceptable. After a few classes, when you have decided to make a commitment, a judo gi should be purchased. We do not sell gi's but will help you find one.


I took Karate/Tae Kwon Do/Judo will that be of aid to me in my training?
Of course! Although none is required, students who have previous martial arts experience often do well in Danzan Ryu. You may also wear an old gi to the class provide it is of sufficient strength to handle Judo throws.


How do the belt rankings work?
Jujitsu belt ranks are different than those more commonly seen in Karate or Tae Kwon Do. However, the rankings for Danzan Ryu are fairly consistent throughout the community. They are:

Jukyu (white belt)
Rokyu (2nd degree blue belt)
Gokyu (1st degree blue belt)
Yonkyu (green belt)
Sankyu (3rd degree brown belt)
Nikyu (2nd degree brown belt)
Ikkyu (1st degree brown belt)
Shodan (1st degree black belt)

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