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About The Shin Ho Kan

Who and What are We

The Shin Ho Kan is a traditional Danzan Ryu Jujitsu school. We follow the teaching and practices of Master Okazaki as best we can. We strive to grow ones mind, as well as the body, through both mental and physical training. Find out more in our About section.

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What is Dan Zan Ryu?

Danzan Ryu Jujitsu is a combination of many different fighting styles and techniques as well as oriental healing methods. Okazaki mastered Karate, Judo, Filipino knife fighting, the Hawaiian art of Lua, Kung Fu, French foot fighting, many schools of Jujitsu, and even American boxing and wrestling. In addition, Okazaki studied the healing arts of Kappo and Seifukujitsu and came up with his own unique healing form known as the Okazaki Restoration Massage.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      When can I start?

      Beginners are welcome to join at any time. Classes are run in such a way that the more senior students aid in the learning of the junior students, so you're never really "behind".

      What is the difference between Brazilian Jujitsu and Danzan Ryu?

      Brazilian Jujitsu is the more general name for any number of Gracie styles of Jujitsu and focuses primarily on mat work. It was made popular in the United States during Royce Gracie's run of the early Ultimate Fighting Championships. It is actually derived from traditional Japanese Jujitsu. Advanced practitioners of Danzan Ryu will find that the same arts in Brazilian Jujitsu are a subset of Danzan Ryu. That is, Danzan Ryu includes a great deal of mat work, but also has the many other aspects mentioned in What We Teach.

      What should I wear/bring to my first class?

      Loose, comfortable clothing should be worn for the first few classes. Sweats and a t-shirt are perfectly fine, but jeans should be avoided. Old gi's from previous martial arts are also acceptable. After a few classes, when you have decided to make a commitment, a judo gi should be purchased. We do not sell gi's but will help you find one.

      Our Organization

      The Shin Ho Kan is affiliated with the American Judo and Jujitsu Federation, a worldwide organization of martial arts schools dedicated to the preservation and promulgation of the Danzan Ryu system of Jujitsu.

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